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      Bornsun Industrial's summer fire drill a success

      hits:234Release time:2023-09-13

      (News Centre Report) July 23, Dongguan land hot sun, the heat is intolerable, a hot environment to test the ability of employees to deal with unexpected fire accidents as the main content of the fire drill activities in the Bornsun industry kicked off, and achieved a complete success.

      At 9:00 a.m., the thermal conductive silicone film manufacturers Bo En industry alarm sounded, the staff emergency evacuation. Under the command of the commander-in-chief Liu Zhishui, members of the team quickly assembled, in position, emergency standby. It is understood that the fire drill is part of the company's annual fire drill, designed to test in the event of a fire accident, all employees are able to make a rapid response, whether the linkage mechanism is effective, whether it is able to do a good job in an orderly manner to prevent disasters, disaster emergency disposal, and so on. The drill includes three parts: evacuation, explanation and demonstration, and on-site practice. Through this fire drill, thermal conductive silicone film manufacturers summer fire drill a complete success. Let the majority of employees learn the relevant fire knowledge, master the evacuation, escape skills, improve staff safety awareness, enhance the staff's ability to adapt to emergencies and self-protection, for the successful completion of the company's annual business objectives to provide a strong guarantee.