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      In which industries are thermal pads generally used?

      hits:216Release time:2023-09-13

      Thermally conductive pads can be called thermally conductive silicone gaskets, thermally conductive silicone pads, insulating thermal conductive sheets, and thermal pads, among many other names in the industry.

      In recent years, with the continuous development of electronic equipment and the integration of new technologies, making a very small device also focus on a lot of powerful functions in a small component. One of the most common problems with electronic equipment is temperature control, how to take away the heat generated faster and more efficiently when architectures are tightening and operating spaces are getting smaller. Staff have been trying to increase the processing power and CPU operation speed of various servers, which requires microprocessors to continuously improve the thermal performance, such as we are most common in game consoles, graphics equipment, and high-performance high-definition images of the digital applications, which is the need for stronger computing performance. Therefore, chip makers need to understand and focus on the technology of thermal conductive materials (thermal pads) to carry away excess heat. In electronics equipment, the reduction of heat can effectively reduce the total power dissipation of heat, thus helping to improve processing speed.

      The role of the thermal pad can also make the irregular surface of the material into a match, the use of high-performance thermally conductive materials, the elimination of air gaps, to maximise the overall heat transfer capacity, to promote the device in a reasonable low temperature environment for normal operation.