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      Characteristics of one-component thermally conductive adhesive

      hits:222Release time:2023-09-13

      Single-component high thermal conductivity electronic silicone belongs to the curing silicone rubber, is a single-component electronic thermal conductive silicone made of imported silicone as the main body, high-quality thermal conductive materials, fillers and other polymer materials refined. It is mainly through the condensation reaction with moisture in the air to release low molecular caused by crosslinking, to be cured, has excellent resistance to high and low temperature change performance, will not be cured due to the components produce contact gap and reduce the effect of heat dissipation.

      Single-component thermally conductive adhesive with excellent thermal conductivity: 1) can provide electronic products with a high security of the heat dissipation coefficient, in the use of the process to play a role in stabilising the security and improve the performance and life of the product; 2) has a superior electrical properties, aging resistance, resistance to hot and cold alternating properties, moisture does not dissolve, electrical insulation properties, power degradation, vibration waterproofing, vibration-absorbing properties and stability of performance, to increase the use of electronic products in the process of safety factor; 3) curing (3) fast curing, easy to extrude, but not flowing, easy to operate, can be manually sizing can also be mechanically sizing, to meet any working environment and working conditions, with the benefits of simple, convenient sizing; (4) also has excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance.

      Single-component curing at room temperature, fast surface drying, strong aging resistance, excellent adhesion, no toxic effects on two-component additive potting adhesive, no solvent, no corrosion of the substrate, moistureproof insulation performance, in line with the requirements of the ROHS directive.