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      Bornsun_Standing up China's new material-Creating the world's brands

      hits:221Release time:2023-09-13

      Bornsun was established 16 years ago, focusing on providing global customers with thermal conductivity and heat dissipation solutions for electronic products, thermal interface material series products, providing new product development, supporting research and a series of services. A vitality of the enterprise of course less corporate vision as well as corporate mission, so what is the corporate mission of BORNSUN materials?

      Enterprise mission: to establish Chinese new material, create a world brand

      Corporate Vision: Growing with customers, sharing with the team
                             We value R&D and love the environment, and become a socially responsible enterprise.

      Corporate Values: Simple and Simple, Equal and Fair, Diligent and Practical, Innovative and Focused, Co-operative and Responsible, Rigorous and Efficient, Committed and Honourable

      Slogan: To be the leader in the field of materials and the standard-setter in the industry.    
                             Create value for customers, win friends for the enterprise and make employees feel proud.
                             Unite and respond quickly to create greater value for customers
                             Rooted in new materials, help China's dream
                             Doing things with the spirit of hard work, and being a person with a grateful heart
                             Quality is the lifeline of Bornsun Industry