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      Shenzhen Headquarters

      Landline: 0755-86699002



      Address:11/F, Building 11, Qiaochengfang, No.4048 Qiaoxiang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.

      Dongguan prefecture level city in Guangdong province

      Landline: 0755-86699002



      Address: Dongxing Industrial Park, Tagang Village, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City, Dongguan City

      East China Office

      Contact: 158-8979-7989

      Email: sales362@bornsun.co

      National layout

      All after-sales problems within 3 hours to give a clear answer and programme, on-site service in the province within 24 hours in place! Outside the province within 24 hours of the allocation of provincial offices to deal with.
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